Image of Mr. Evilsion Resin Toy

Mr. Evilsion Resin Toy


Design by Rifky M Isa (@rifkymisa)

Resin Toy
11,5 inch
Colorway : Blank / White
Only 25pc worldwide.

Mr.Evilsion is a combination word of Evil and Television basis then I mix those two words into Evilsion. I designed the form like a demon western version, influenced by western culture. I created this character as a symbol of the negative side of communication technology such as televisions and gadgets are also emerging now. Communications technology can make users become addicted and redundant, which is a characteristic trait of the devil.

Mr. Evilsion is character design made by Rifky M Isa as a representation of himself as well as his-criticism and healer. Because it is inspired by his own life.