Image of Power Anger Troops Resin Toy

Power Anger Troops Resin Toy


Design by @Iky.z

Resin Toy
3,8 inch that will be limited to 100pc worldwide.

Articulated hand and head (use magnet).
Blank / white color

Power anger troops is the character design of the development of the previous figure of power anger . Inspired from classic kingdom fictiona films in which to have the troops or warior to fight. I imagine to making many series as in the kingdom such a king , warrior , armed vehicles , animal, monster and many more. For this time , I designed the series characters are tangible beings helmeted troops and fire.

* Power Anger is character design made by Rizky Zakaria / Iky representation from the anger that symbolized by fire, and then i modified fire image into pattern, and applied it into any other kind of artworks.